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At Play Away we believe that every stage of childhood should be celebrated, and we reflect this ethos by arranging our groups by stages, not ages. Children are moved into the next group when they are developmentally ready to take their next step.  We always ensure there is a supportive transition plan in place so that each child remains settled and happy.

Come and meet our different groups…

Our Groups

Owl Babies

Designed with ‘home’ in mind, Owl Babies offers a perfect balance of sensory stimulation, exploratory toys and cosy areas to snuggle up in and share a story.

Our friendly team ensure that they tailor the routines specifically to meet each baby’s individual needs.

Hungry Caterpillars

Daily activities focus on the current interests and stages of the children to ensure that every Hungry Caterpillar has the opportunity to learn through their play.

The children are continually encouraged to discover, experiment and explore their environment within safe and engaging indoor and outdoor spaces.

Elmer Elephants

We support the physical development of our Elmer Elephants by working with you to continue routines started at home, such as potty training.

Encouragement and praise from the staff all work towards enabling every child to develop confidence and a positive self-image.


A blend of adult-led activities and child-initiated play provides children with endless fun and engaging learning opportunities which support them to make choices and develop invaluable self-help skills.

Our Gruffalo room is all about imagination and exploration – the children love to go on space missions, jungle adventures and train rides!

Paddington Bears

The children take part in fun daily phonics and maths activities to build their familiarity with letters, sounds and numbers in readiness for starting school.

We also support our Paddington Bears to be emotionally ready for their next big step by building their independence, confidence and social skills each day.


All children are allocated a keyperson when joining the nursery – a member of the team who oversees their care and develops a tender and trusting relationship with them. Your child’s keyworker will work closely with you, maintaining regular and open communication, giving you the confidence and peace of mind knowing that your little one is being well cared for.

iConnect - ParentZone
iConnect - ParentZone

Every parent is provided with a login for ParentZone – a secure application that enables us to keep you updated on your child’s progress throughout the day.

Your keyperson will keep you informed on your child’s meals, nappy changes, sleep times and activities. They’ll provide observations, photographs and videos too so that you never need to feel that you are missing out on their busy day.

Special Educational Needs
Special Educational Needs

Play Away welcomes all children. We value the diversity in which we live and take great pride in ensuring that we are able to accommodate all children; providing them with a rich and fulfilling nursery experience.

Each nursery has its own Special Educational Needs Coordinator who will work closely with you, your child’s keyworker and outside agencies to ensure that your child thrives in our care.

English as an Additional Language
English as an Additional Language

Play Away provides outstanding childcare to children from a wide community. We have a large number of different languages spoken within our settings and are confident to work with families for whom English is not their first language. We offer all children, irrespective of their first language, the opportunity to hear, speak and see different languages through stories, singing and fun multilingual resources.

A number of our staff also enjoy sharing aspects of their own cultures with the children which is a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore and celebrate the diverse community in which we all live.

Healthy Choices

We encourage all our children to develop healthy choices and extend their enjoyment of food through shared meal-times. We also provide opportunities for older children to prepare and cook healthy snacks together. Our menu reflects a diverse mix of different cultures to enhance the children’s experiences of the wider world: all of our popular recipes are available on request!

Hungry Monsters is a specialist nursery catering supplier who provide our West End and City Nurseries with fresh and healthy food each day. We are also privileged to have our own fully qualified and experienced chef at Totton Nursery, who has an excellent understanding of the nutritional requirements for each age group and knows just what little tummies like to eat!

We promise to provide:
  • Food that is free from artificial colourings and additives
  • Meals containing no added salt
  • Recipes with reduced sugar content
  • A wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables every day
  • Healthy vegetarian options
  • Confident catering for children with special diets
  • Weekly menus published on our parent noticeboards
  • Our teeth cleaning initiative for all children aged 2+
Healthy Choices